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Summer Picnic picnics!! by Sonia Kang | July 21 2017, 0 Comments

By:Karishma Bhakta

Summer Fun is here. Are you stuck sitting at home all day because of the heat. I totally understand, that's what I do all day.

You spend all day inside. Why not have dinner outside? Have a picnic outside for dinner so you and your family can relax and get some fresh air. This way your kids can run around and have some exercise.

Need some food ideas:

- Try Sandwiches with little stuff like a Turkey or Ham Sandwich.

-A small snack of nuts to munch on so they won't break like chips.

-Some easy eatable fruits like grapes, plums, apples

-At the end of the day, you don't want really sugary drinks, makes some homemade lemonade or punch and pack them in used water bottles.

-Use an old blankets or table cloth to save money

-visit your city park on movie nights. http://www.streetfoodcinema.com/schedule/los-angeles/pasadena/    https://www.thrillist.com/events/los-angeles/summer-outdoor-movies-los-angeles-schedule

A Picnic can also be great before or after a sport practice. This way you can relax and have fun with your kiddos.

Evivo Brunch by Sonia Kang | July 20 2017, 0 Comments

AuroraSara, Blog Contributor


We were so excited to join the Evivo Team at the "Smart As A Mother" Brunch held at Au Fudge this week. 

When we arrived Au Fudge, Au Pairs (love the name) were on-site to have fun with our little ones so we could take in all the new findings about breast milk.  

After check-in I met the lovely Vanessa Barnett. She is a media maven and mompreneur who is just as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside.


We learned a great deal from Dr. Tanya and Dr. Tracy.

Mind blowing facts: 97% of Western women do not have B-infantis bacteria anymore. 

"Every day thousands of mothers choose breast milk to provide their babies optimal nutrition and immunity. A University of California study showed that breast milk also promotes the growth of B. infantis in babies, good bacteria that supports a healthy infant gut. Unfortunately, most babies born today do not receive this key beneficial bacteria.

Because of this, Evivo is here to help with the best probiotic for babies.


What makes Evivo the best probiotic for babies? Activated B.infantis. An activated probiotic, Evivo probiotic powder is clinically proven to restore babies’ gut microbiome to its original, natural state.

We learned that the first and only product of its kind, “Evivo is clinically proven to restore a healthy gut in your baby. A daily probiotic powder, Evivo mixed with breast milk and fed to babies helps release nutrients in breast milk to create a protective internal environment in baby’s gut. It also helps develop baby’s immune system, and builds the foundation for good health for life. No wonder Evivo is the best probiotic for babies. " 

Also here are a couple more important facts:

“Recent studies suggest that the vast majority of today’s moms are no longer passing the beneficial B. infantis bacteria to their babies at birth. Many of these moms lack it themselves. Additional studies suggest that babies not receiving this good gut bacteria in infancy could be at higher risk for eczema, allergies, obesity, and diabetes.”


C-SECTION has helped to contribute to this loss. Personally, I had two c-sections so this was important information to know. I will have to work on building up that good gut bacteria.


While listening to all the information, Mamas enjoyed the mimosas and mock cocktails. My faves were the Strawberry Mock Moijto.

Lunch was served and on the menu was chicken and steak. For those vegans, like myself, Au Fudge offered a delicious vegan alternative.

As the event winded down, it was time to raffle off some goodies and wouldn’t ya know, I won!! I was blown away by the gift: a Petunia Picklebottom bag. It was just in the nick of time, too, as I broke the zipper of our diaper bag.

As if that wasn’t enough, inside my prize was the amazing book by Dr. Tanya. Cannot wait to jump into it. I also received another box of nursing pads , nipple cream, t-shirt and bib.


As we gave hugs and left Au Fudge, we were handed a swag bag chockfull of wonderful products from Lansinoh New Ultimate Protection Nursing Pads, full size bottle HPA Lanolin nipple cream, EVIVO t-shirt and matching bib.


I cannot wait to start the free 4week starter kit with free 2 day shipping. After hearing all the information and asking questions, I am sold.


Stay tuned after the 4-week kit for our review.


#SmartAsAMother, #Evivo


Nelson Mandela by Sonia Kang | July 17 2017, 0 Comments

Nelson Mandela is South African citizen and democratic fighter who has spent his life fighting for equality and democracy. He was born in South Africa on July 18, 1918. His father was an advisor to the acting King of their village. As he grew up he learned from his ancestor's stories to resistance and dreamed to make his contribution to the freedom struggle of his people. Mandela began his studies at the University College at Fort Hare but he was expelled for participating in a student protest.

He worked as a mine security officer. Soon after, he became a estate agent. He went back to college at University of South Africa and received a BA in 1943. Mandela became involved in politics in 1942. He joined the African National Congress and formed the ANC Youth League. Mandela rose through the ranks of the ANC Youth League. He lead a campaign of civil disobedience against 6 unjust South African laws with ANC and South African Indian Congress. They were later arrested for 9 months under the Suppression of Communism Act. In 1952, after being released from prison, Mandela and his friend Oliver Tambo established a black law firm, Mandela and Tambo. 

In 1955, a countrywide police swoop arrested 28 people including Mandela for treason against the government. There were protest and the ANC was banned. After the Treason Trail, Mandela went underground to plant a national strike at the end of March. Due to the state of his people, the strike did not happen. He was recruited to help an armed strike but declined. He traveled to London and other African countries to seek for help. When he tried coming back, he was arrested for leaving the country without a permit and encouraging workers to protest for 5 years.

He was spent most of his life fighting in prison and fighting on the streets for equality and democracy. In 1991, he was elected as the President of ANC replacing his friend, Oliver Tambo . In 1993, Mandela and President FW de Klerk jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize.

He became the 1st elected President of South Africa in 1994 where he made an impact on democracy, education and equality. In 1999, he stepped down as President and spent his time with his foundations. He left democracy, peace and a better world on December 5, 2013.


Thank you Nelson Mandela for showing us resistance and patience will eventually lead you to your goals and dreams.

Mini Vacations by Sonia Kang | July 14 2017, 0 Comments

Don't have time for a long week vacation. Have a weekend getaway at a resort or in the suburbs. We all know how hard it is to have a vacation in the summer. There is more traffic than usual, kids are busy with different activities and there just isn't enough time.

Some tips are take a weekend trip to a resort at a beach you have not visited yet like Santa Barbara or Monterrey Bay where the area is peaceful and away from the largely populated cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Beach side resorts can be very expensive so may be try Airbnb and rent a house or apartment with all the fixes for a couple of days. http://vacationidea.com/california/best-beaches-in-california.html

Santa Barbara Resorts

If your not into the city, try Yosemite or the Grand Canyon. Yosemite is a beautiful and natural place you can go. It is much more peaceful and quiet than the city. It really allows you to stop and take a breath. There are many cheap motels and dining in the area. Yosemite has various activities like hiking, water rafting and more. https://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/things2do.htm

Share some of your vacation ideas below.

Who is Zendaya? by Sonia Kang | July 10 2017, 0 Comments

Meet Zendaya

Zendaya is know an extraordinary young woman inspiring women and young girls around the world to be strong and stylish. At the age of 20, she has her own fashion line, Daya and book, Between U and Me.

Zendaya has always been interested in the Arts. Her father was a stage manager at the California Shakespeare Theater, where she spent many days as a child. She attended the Oakland school of the Arts where she studied acting and dance. As a young child, she was interested in hip hop and was a dance member of Future Shock Oakland. She performed as a back up dancer for Selena Gomez and appeared in musicals.

In 2010, she finally got her big break as a lead actor in Disney’s Shake it Up with Bella Thorne as dancers trying to make it big. She appeared on Disney show throughout the years. She is now appearing in Spiderman: Homecoming and Greatest Showman.

Zendaya empowers young girls and women to accept their body and looks and not be fooled by the photo shopped images. Her Daya collection uses designs from various cultures to unify people and communities.

Dear White People by Sonia Kang | July 07 2017, 0 Comments

By: Karishma Bhakta

There has been a new show causing stir and an awakening on Netflix. Dear White People is a new show, which talks about African American issues and politics. The show portrays black identity and race relations at IVY League school Winchester University where a group of African American students are documented on life in a predominately white university.

Each character represents different stereotypes and aspects of the African American community and culture. According to the Atlantic.com, they interviewed students from IVY League school who are African American and how their experience is similar to the show. Many said the show's situations are similar to their experience, however, they did not face all the problems in the show. They share how many they dealt with racism and a harsh environment where African Americans were looked down on.

This show helps people understand situations that they deal with and how to cope. It is a new awakening for many communities of the struggles the African American community faces.


Be WONDER Woman by Sonia Kang | July 03 2017, 0 Comments

Be Wonder Woman

by: Karishma Bhakta

Wonder Woman comics were first released in 1941 by a psychologist Dr. William Marston to empower young feminist. Wonder Woman has been around for more than 76 years. There have been comics, a live action show, animation shows and finally a live action movie on Wonder Woman. However, she has never been more inspiring as she is now.

 Wonder Woman fighting scene

Wonder Woman is known for her strength, knowledge and loving characteristics. She is DC Universe's best fighter and wisest superhero. Wonder Woman is not a human, she is a God of Zeus and Hippolyta made from dirt to protect women and Themiskyra. Themiskyra is an island hidden from mankind where only woman warriors and Female Gods live. The women of Themiskyra are trained from birth to be warriors and knowledgeable in many crafts, languages and subjects. Wonder Woman joined the Justice League when she left Themiskyra to help mankind. Once you leave Themiskyra, one can not return.

Amazonian fighters

Wonder Woman encourages young girls and women to be strong and fearless. She is also wise, assertive and smart. She stands by what she believes in. Today, women in the workplace are told to be graceful and smart. However, when women are assertive toward their career or family, people say women are crazy or selfish. Girls are told to worry more about their looks than their worry about their academics. We are in the day and age where women can do way more than look pretty and take care of their family. They can have thriving careers in multinational corporations and be active in the community. The world shows young girls to be pretty and cute through TV shows, magazines and social media. Wonder Woman gives them hope and encourages girls to be strong, assertive and intelligent.


Master of None: Diversity and Realism All in One Show by Sonia Kang | June 30 2017, 0 Comments

Karishma Bhakta, Blog Contributor


It is rare to find a diverse cast and the show communicating about important conflicts the communities face. Typical shows are centered around Caucasians, affairs and crime. Sadly there are not many racially diverse shows.

Many Asian Americans that enter the Entertainment industry get small roles as supporting actors and do not represent the Asian American community. However, there is always potential.

Master of None on Netflix stars Aziz Ansari, he plays Dev Shah, an American Asian Indian Muslim who tries to get into the entertainment industry. The show has a diverse cast of Asians and African Americans that resemble their values. Dev Shah’s main group of friends include a Caucasian man, an African Lesbian woman and a Taiwanese movie loving man. They come across some racial issues like generation gap, Asian Americans in entertainment, model minority.

One of the most interesting issues was how women face harassment everywhere they go. When Dev Shah goes to the bar with some friends, one of his female friends discuss how a guy followed her home after visiting a bar. Shah’s girlfriend that she faced harassment on Instagram where she posted a picture of a frittata just like Shah and they both got totally different comments. Shah got positive comments on to image and how good the frittata looked. While Shah’s girlfriend got negative comments like people telling her how pretty she is and how they would wanna be with her when the picture did not have her face on it at all. The show is bringing real life issues to light in the episodes. There are many more important topics that we as a community have faced. Master of None is definitely a show you wanna check out.

Heat Wave Fashion! by Sonia Kang | June 23 2017, 0 Comments

By Karishma Bhakta, Blog Contributor


The heat wave is finally coming in. This week was the start of summer and it has already produced gallons of sweat.


The heat wave can be the worst time to wear jeans and tight clothing. It is unappealing and uncomfortable when you and your kids end up wearing skinny jeans and a tight shirt in the hot sun as you all fiercly sweat. You also don’t want to carry a jacket around in the hot sticky sun. What you need is something loose and casual.


Summer is one of the most colorful times of the year. So let's try some colorful relaxed dresses or rompers for the zoo or outdoors.


You can also try some white shirts with colored or black shorts to make the shirt pop. This look is great for boys for an easy look.


Since it's summer time, you want your kids to me comfortable and relaxed yet fashionable. These are some favorite and popular Mixed Up Clothing looks for the summer.

International Yoga Day! by Sonia Kang | June 21 2017, 0 Comments

Karishma Bhakta, Blog Contributor

Today is June 21st so we would like to wish you and your littles Happy International Yoga Day!

Yoga started in India and has been around for thousands of years.

Yoga means “union” in Sanskrit which is the ancient language of India .

What was once an adult practice, is now very popular for children around the world.

It is both a fun and easy way for kids to remain active and maintain healthy habits.

Yoga has positive effects.

Kids practicing yoga have emotional benefits of yoga like an overall sense of well-being and learn to be in the moment.

There are physical benefits to practicing yoga as well.

Children can learn how to work through stress, increase flexibility and build strength.


Mixed Up Clothing encourages you to find peace through yoga!