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Celebrating Chuseok (추석)

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Celebrating Chuseok (추석)

Today we celebrated the Korean harvest festival of Chuseok (Korean: 추석) in my kid's Korean Immersion elementary class. Traditions are very important in our home. I am mixed Latina and Black and my husband is Korean so being a multicultural family and raising our children as mini global citizens to appreciate and celebrate their respective cultures is an invaluable gift we are passing on to them.

In all honesty, it is also a chance for me to learn more about my children's Korean culture. We learn from each other, right? So Chuseok  추석, also known as Korean Thanksgiving Day, is one of the most important and festive holidays of the year. Just like the American tradition of Thanksgiving, Koreans return to their ancestral hometowns to celebrate with their families to feast on traditional foods and rice wines. 

The origins of Chuseok 추석 can be traced back to Korea’s past as an agrarian society. During that time period, families gathered to enjoy time together as well as give thanks to their ancestors for a good harvest.

Other customs include paying respect to ancestors by cleaning their graves and presenting foods to their spirits.

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