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I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life.  I had my first child at age 19 and since then it’s been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs (mainly ups) of my weight. By the fourth baby, the weight was very hard to lose.  What’s worse than not being successful at losing weight, is the fear that I am passing on my unhealthy relationship with food and my weight onto my children.
I talk and even joke about being over-weight daily. I make self-deprecating comments as if to beat someone to the punch. You know, say it first before someone else can.  My scale is right in front of my large bathroom mirror. I have a treadmill and an elliptical machine in the living room collecting dust. Then something happened that put the mirror to my face. It’s summer and my oldest daughter is reading all the fashion magazines looking at bathing suits . She calls out: “Mom, what’s “thigh gap”? Aye, here we go.
I started to explain but figured it might be easier to show her what thigh gap wasn’t by showing her my thighs. “You see how my thighs touch, honey” I explained. “This is opposite of thigh gap.” I chuckle uncomfortably and it hits me, I’m doing it again. I’m putting myself down. Old habits are hard to kick. I tell her that I love how she looks and that she is perfect the way she is, even as she tries to squeeze her belly between her fingers trying to make a point of how she could stand to lose weight. “Don’t do that, Bree” I scold “As long as you are getting daily exercise and eating healthy, you are ok. In fact, you are more than ok.” I vow to do better.

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