Master of None: Diversity and Realism All in One Show by Sonia Kang | June 30 2017, 0 Comments

Karishma Bhakta, Blog Contributor


It is rare to find a diverse cast and the show communicating about important conflicts the communities face. Typical shows are centered around Caucasians, affairs and crime. Sadly there are not many racially diverse shows.

Many Asian Americans that enter the Entertainment industry get small roles as supporting actors and do not represent the Asian American community. However, there is always potential.

Master of None on Netflix stars Aziz Ansari, he plays Dev Shah, an American Asian Indian Muslim who tries to get into the entertainment industry. The show has a diverse cast of Asians and African Americans that resemble their values. Dev Shah’s main group of friends include a Caucasian man, an African Lesbian woman and a Taiwanese movie loving man. They come across some racial issues like generation gap, Asian Americans in entertainment, model minority.

One of the most interesting issues was how women face harassment everywhere they go. When Dev Shah goes to the bar with some friends, one of his female friends discuss how a guy followed her home after visiting a bar. Shah’s girlfriend that she faced harassment on Instagram where she posted a picture of a frittata just like Shah and they both got totally different comments. Shah got positive comments on to image and how good the frittata looked. While Shah’s girlfriend got negative comments like people telling her how pretty she is and how they would wanna be with her when the picture did not have her face on it at all. The show is bringing real life issues to light in the episodes. There are many more important topics that we as a community have faced. Master of None is definitely a show you wanna check out.