DIY School Supplies by Sonia Kang | August 04 2017, 0 Comments

By:Karishma Bhakta

Its a whole new year. The kids are going to another grade and excited to see their friends. They don't want the same school supplies from last year. They want something new and trendy.

Here are some ideas:

- In a new white binder, look for new designs that your kids like or print our a color pages of superheros or mandela designs. Then add the coloring page in the inside of the binder.  

- Buy some Compositions books for 50 cents at Staples. You can buy Dollar paint and brushes at Jo-anns. They also always have coupons on their website. Add a scratch paper to the inside of the cover so the paint doesn't go on the pages. Tape the side binder of the notebook. Paint the notebook any color you want. You want to choose a brighter or darker color. White will not work. Let it dry for two hours and do the other side. Use a sharpie to write the subject name and owner of the book.

-Origami Bookmark- origami paper can be found in any craft store.

Try these out. Tell us how you did or share some ideas you have.