Dear White People by Sonia Kang | July 07 2017, 0 Comments

By: Karishma Bhakta

There has been a new show causing stir and an awakening on Netflix. Dear White People is a new show, which talks about African American issues and politics. The show portrays black identity and race relations at IVY League school Winchester University where a group of African American students are documented on life in a predominately white university.

Each character represents different stereotypes and aspects of the African American community and culture. According to the, they interviewed students from IVY League school who are African American and how their experience is similar to the show. Many said the show's situations are similar to their experience, however, they did not face all the problems in the show. They share how many they dealt with racism and a harsh environment where African Americans were looked down on.

This show helps people understand situations that they deal with and how to cope. It is a new awakening for many communities of the struggles the African American community faces.