Be WONDER Woman by Sonia Kang | July 03 2017, 0 Comments

Be Wonder Woman

by: Karishma Bhakta

Wonder Woman comics were first released in 1941 by a psychologist Dr. William Marston to empower young feminist. Wonder Woman has been around for more than 76 years. There have been comics, a live action show, animation shows and finally a live action movie on Wonder Woman. However, she has never been more inspiring as she is now.

 Wonder Woman fighting scene

Wonder Woman is known for her strength, knowledge and loving characteristics. She is DC Universe's best fighter and wisest superhero. Wonder Woman is not a human, she is a God of Zeus and Hippolyta made from dirt to protect women and Themiskyra. Themiskyra is an island hidden from mankind where only woman warriors and Female Gods live. The women of Themiskyra are trained from birth to be warriors and knowledgeable in many crafts, languages and subjects. Wonder Woman joined the Justice League when she left Themiskyra to help mankind. Once you leave Themiskyra, one can not return.

Amazonian fighters

Wonder Woman encourages young girls and women to be strong and fearless. She is also wise, assertive and smart. She stands by what she believes in. Today, women in the workplace are told to be graceful and smart. However, when women are assertive toward their career or family, people say women are crazy or selfish. Girls are told to worry more about their looks than their worry about their academics. We are in the day and age where women can do way more than look pretty and take care of their family. They can have thriving careers in multinational corporations and be active in the community. The world shows young girls to be pretty and cute through TV shows, magazines and social media. Wonder Woman gives them hope and encourages girls to be strong, assertive and intelligent.