Mixed Up Review : Circle of Friends Children Haircare Products by Sonia Kang | February 10 2014, 0 Comments

 Circle of Friends 
A friend of mine from my non-profit organization, Multiracial Americans of Southern California (MASC), brought Circle of Friends products to my attention. And I’m so glad she did. I immediately loved the bottles as each depicts a character-or friend-from a different part of the world. 
I was raised in Hawaii, so I knew I had to try Leilani's Halakahiki Lotion. And boy the `a`ala  (fragrance) brought me back to my days on Oahu.

Colorfully illustrated, each friend lends his or her name to each product and offers a short story on the back. Like Mixed Up Clothing, Circle of Friends (CoF) shares a story that talks about the life of the character in his or her country. 

My kids, Ava and Luke, enjoyed learning about the different characters punctuated with fascinating facts about where he or she lives and what he or she does for fun. After hearing the facts that are on the back of the bottle, my kids were able to correctly guess where each friend was from. Very fun!

I truly appreciate CoF and their mission, which is to create a professional hair, bath, and body line for children, while introducing them to a world of styles and cultures. Ava and Luke couldn’t wait to try the products. 

So let’s get started with some facts.
Ava’s hair is thick with a wavy texture. She has areas in her hair that get tangled, especially in the back and hates the thought of brushing her hair. She would much rather wear a pony tail than for you to brush her hair.

The Products
We used Bonita's Banana Shampoo, Rosa's Raspberry Conditioner followed by Pia's Pineapple Detangler.

The Kiddie Review
Me: What did you think of the products you used?
Ava: The shampoo was fine. I really liked the smell of the raspberry and it didn’t hurt my eyes like some shampoos do. I kept the conditioner in for a couple of minutes while I washed my body. The detangler really worked on my hair. I don’t like it when you brush my hair and it pulls because of all my tangles. But this worked on my hair and made it easier to comb. Let's always use it. 

While still damp, we sprayed detangler on all around her hair and let it sit a moment. Using a wide comb, we could tell immediately that her hair was easier to comb. She did have a couple of tough spots but definitely more manageable. But more importantly, no fighting me on brushing her hair! 

To style, we used Erik's Shaping Hair Gel  then a diffusing hair dryer followed by Valerie's Vanilla Freeze Hair Spray to finish off her look.
Her hair looks healthy. It’s shiny and the curls are bouncy!
Ava noticed the difference and you could tell she liked her look because there was a lil pep in her step! 


Next up was Luke. Now Luke’s hair is straight. I mean like floppy straight. We keep his hair tight on the sides but leave some length around the top just so he can have a lil' style like a faux hawk or spiky.
He’s a bubble bath guy so we started with Hoshi’s Bonsai Bubble Bath then moved onto Klunie’s Chocolate Shampoo. 

The Kiddie Review 
 Me: How is it, Lukey?
Luke: I liked all the bubbles and it smelled good. I wish I can stay in here all day.

Note: During the rinsing of the shampoo when the water raced down Luke’s face, he remained calm and wiped his face without getting hysterical which happens! The shampoo was gentle on the eyes and there were no tears!!

To style Luke's hair, we used  Erik’s Shaping Hair Gel and finished with Valerie’s Vanilla Hair Freeze Hairspray.
The End Results
I highly recommend these products. The products were great. My kids were happy and enjoyed them. Pia, Rosa, Hoshi, Valerie, Erik and Klunie...are now a part of our family!

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